Monday, 19 October 2015


You see there are things that happened that I dunno how to say how they did. 
See I’m never the Emotional type even though I love love for what it is. 
It’s more like a contradiction but experiences made me grow into this. 

Now I’ve seen love in its sweetest form but also seen it in its darkest moments which is heavy landed, And that somewhat discourages me from falling way too deep so I give myself to myself,
Saving me from all the blushes of disappointment and heartache even though I know I'll heal up fast, As the version of me heals me.

I know this is just the inner me talking the loudest but can't be heard on your path,
As you carry that shield that protects you from negativity,
And even with my negativity, 
Somehow you still let me in your comfort zone.
This comfort zone then becomes my resting place, 
As I go through a phase of your hard-work, labor And strive for a better me.

Don't lose me on my journey to redemption, 
It could well be a bumpy ride with temporary individuals In a shadow mix of good. 

Hope is all I have in which I write this, 
Hoping someday we meet beyond the path of right and wrong. 
Hoping for the hopeful mind.