Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Million Ways And Form.

It went from to hard to harder,
When you let your insecurities kick in the way of what we had.
I hate when that shit happens!
It was all wrong from the beginning,
I had a choice of staying or leaving,
And I chose to stay because you were worth it,
Crazy right!

I was willing to put up with your shit,
Only for the last time, as you've struck twice.
I know you gave me all of you,
And I did too, which was beautiful.

I still remember the first time you kissed me,
That Tuesday afternoon in my house, 
You were shy and playful and I found comfort from it,
As you raced towards me, gave me that stare and our lips locked against each other like it was battle of the lips yet it was fascinating.

I swear all our moments are moments I cherish till date, 
Locked in the treasure box of my heart.
The pieces of my heart would probably form an image of you.
I saw love, fell in it and felt it in a million ways and form.