Thursday, 12 November 2015

Just A Dream.

I had a dream about a dream, Were it was just us.
Things were less sophisticated and with each attempt u tried to smile, 
My world was lit with a strike of two ruby diamonds.
I felt your love and tender touch
Like that a mother shows to her new born.

Emerald was jealous,
Cause she hadn't seen anything as precious as what we had.
Cupid  sat at a corner wishing he never made people feel love.
We felt endless like infinity in paradise, 
As affection and love was the order of the day.

Slowly I started becoming conscious, till I gained full consciousness 
With the realisation of it been a dream.
Reminisced about the dream and said:
If this is love in its best form, then nothing else would feel this sweet.
But yet again it was just a dream, 
Away from reality.