Friday, 4 December 2015

The CandiMan.

Just one more session of us listening and rapping to lil Wayne's songs,
Expressing our admiration for him,
And how we'd anticipate going crazy in a Weezy concert.
The anticipation was too large,
It became boring when the day finally came.
Guess we overhyped it.

I always looked forward seeing you during the week,
Because I knew your comments were sincere and filled with encouragements.
I’d play you a beat I made the night before,
We both bump heads and I’d be feeling like a protégé of,
Kanye, Jalil beatz, Hit boi or Boi 1da.
You still had your way though, telling me what the beat lacked.

I remember the paint ball event the college organised,
And whilst we all had to walk up a hilly road which was fun,
I couldn’t bear you been metres away from the lads.
I knew your pain,
I felt your pain that day, I had gone through some shit like that at some point in life.
Times like that are hapless,
This life isn't worthwhile.
Lord knows why he takes the beautiful souls out of this world quick enough.

Your mom is a strong woman,
We spoke about your absence the last time I saw her and she's living better.
Though your absence is felt as there's a void in her heart,
Her greatest pride is gone but she's,
Hopeful for your younger ones to restore her deprived joy.
I ask for no better comforter than The Creator,
He knows what's best for her and your siblings.

That dark skinny guy that's never had a thing for Fifa but does with any other game,
You always in my heart boy,
Larry Abiola, A.K.A.