Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Meeting.

And I met him.
I guess you thought it was her.
And I met him, felt his presence around,
Like a soul leaving it's body.
And it was he whom they warned me about,
Told me to run, flee or fight spiritually.
Yea it was him.

He called me by name,
And I knew it was him.
He says why start to feel the weight of the world when you could have it all?
And I said all is interesting. All that for free?
And he said for next to nothing really,
Only your soul.
Picture you doing anything you want,
The glamour, the fame, the wealth, name it all and you'd get it.
Just your soul that dies when you die,
Besides there's no such thing as a soul perishing.

I replied, that looks a bargain,
Plus I could worry-less about things worrying me more.
The good life. The contract?
The good life contract. Where do I sign?
Then I was convinced I'll do this deal.
A voice aroused from within and said;
A deal with him would last forever and it's a smooth ride  from the beginning but has bumpy endings.

Ignorance starts playing in,
But when in the dark,
The Most High works effectively.
Eventually, the good life contract didn't look good enough for a life contract.

He told me why I should always follow His ways,
He never fails,
His timing is ever perfect.
A stitch in time.
My Lord and Saviour speaking to me at the point of my needs.

I let Him down by letting go of Him,
But He was there right in time before the most drastic action of my life.
All because I had an encounter with him,

In a meeting.