Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Poem.

The cry of an angel in silence,
In the skin of a man,
Yearning for his voice to be heard.
He speaks but he's not spoken,
He sees but can't be seen.
He walks but remains stagnant.
How does this pan out?

Mixed feelings and emotions towards everything,
He finds him self lost in his thoughts and worries.
He knows everything's gonna be better but needs to work towards the betterment of better.
He sees the silver lining,
He sees the silver lining amongst The Grey Sky.
Hope seems a possibility.

The average mind say the sky is the limit,
The mastermind say the sky is the starting point.
One is limitless the other limited.

Somewhere beyond anger, happiness, hate, love, disbelieve, believe, bad, good, passion, trust, lies, commitment, bittersweet, grace, faith, doubt, soberness, uplifting, dark thoughts, ever green thoughts and prayers and memories,
Lies that soft spot we all have.
Mine happens to be poetry,
The ones that opens up your soul,
It tells a story,
With melodies in a visual form

And all I really wanna do is,
Write the perfect unending poem,
At least I know I'm the next thing standing to time.
Don't deny me this opportunity,
Please, please, I need this.
Don't set a limit to my art,
My passion, my stories,
I inscribe in every inch of your heart.
Its permanent,
It's never fading even if you give someone else your heart,
I know my words stay true to the heart.
You mean a lot to me.

Beyond all the acts,
Joy, happiness, laughter.
The evergreen time for the Angel,

Heaven is now a place on earth and beyond with you.