Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Promise.

The titanic sunk, but it was something to marvel about.
A beautiful city engulfed by lava,
I call this Pompeii.
We let something beautiful go,
Like it was the death of our souls.
Maybe I failed your soul,
Or maybe you failed to see how we could build a new Rome in one day.
Romulus, something Extraordinary!

Exes of your past,
Coming to play in your moments of now.
I guess we need time finding where it gets me.

Sounds cliché,
But if you let me,
I'll be the unthinkable you've never thought of.
Now pause for a while and think of things you've never thought of,
That you thought were only imaginary.
Now look at me, as I lay it all to you,

With an unbroken promise.