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Problem Of The Coloured Girl

Not once, not twice,
Have I seen the coloured girl feel unappreciated or unworthy?
Her traits and qualities have been overlooked,
So she looks for things that don't need be.
Sometimes I can't help but label them the cause of their problems,
But yet again,
I can't help but be the pillar to lean on.

Just the other day I told my friend how beautiful she looks,
And she responded with;
"Lool, thanks but not me".
Wholeheartedly, that shit broke my heart as I stood on convincing grounds so she sees my point view,
Sadly my efforts were rebuffed.

Who you are?
I bet you don't even know.
Where you are?
I'm definite you don't know.
Where you're going?
It's hard for you to even know,
Because you got the problem of being beautifully unworthy.

How beautiful you are? 
You don't even know,
You rather hang on to the standards of magazines and playboys without knowing you're playing yourself.
Giving you reasons why you should hate this and embrace that,
In the process making you hate yourself because your embodiment has been filtered,
Leaving you with fragments of the natural you so you rather get comfortable in a lie and make it your safe haven.

The condom in which society has screwed you with is monetised,
It's no wonder your worth is been undervalued.

I would be dumb not to appreciate you because you're from me,
You're the other half of me so without you I can't be whole.
So fuck society for disregarding the other half of me,
Or rather,
Fuck you for disregarding the true queen that lives within.
Isn't it rather demeaning when you trade a ruby for a piece of rock? 
Yea, I guess so too!

And to my coloured girls who know and act their worth,
I got too much love for you.
With the shit, you go through,
You still measure to your standards.
You're a star and stars do one thing!

And I pray to the Lord that's what you do.

                                            - Devante.

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