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Keep The Family Close.

Sometimes it takes death to occur before we realise we should keep the family close,
As a matter of fact, keep the family much closer.
Death is only a reminder it would be us someday, hence our work here is limited.
Breathe taking away in what seems like a moment,
Not of silence but of agony.

When one of your aunts that genuinely loved you as a son dies,
Though I was distant, still was a relation that assumed his role.
How do you console your cousins to the thought they'll never see their mum?
How do you tell your dad to pull himself together over the loss of his sister?
I guess you'd probably live with the guilt of holding a childish grudge against her,
But knowing you so well,
I'm sure you'd barely flinch at that thought.
When bitterness is soaked in thy heart,
The sweet things of life become far fetched.
Out of the heart, the mouth speaks.

And though life's innocence was taken away even before you knew what it meant,
By someone deemed to be a superhero,
But all villains don't wear capes neither do they hide behind a mask,
But usually, have a smile on their faces like the Joker.
Maybe that's why I can never take you serious no more.

Forgiveness is an integral part of life,
It's written in the Holy Book.
It takes the mercy of The Lord for such act to be done.
The day a child realises that all adult are imperfect, He becomes an adolescent;
The day he forgives them, He becomes an adult;
The day he forgives himself, He becomes wise.

And I know someday my time here would be done,
Because what's life if there was no death?
Someone has to die to turn the prince into a king.
I pray to The Lord, His bosom will be my resting place,
I pray to The Lord, I live out my dreams before I transit.

I pray to The Lord I die with memories and zero regrets.

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