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Breakin Harts (The Raconteur)

Tell me this,
How can I sum me up when you bring negativity in?
How can I be the man when you seem to break the qualities that make me one?
Guess you got your reasons for being attached.
When self becomes the goal,
It's enough evidence to be blinded by your own selfish thoughts.

You'd rather have people around build you up and not do shit for yourself,
You'd rather use people for the betterment of your self-esteem and love things.
Hate is a circumference of love.
Baby, life don't workout that way,
It's a vicious circle in its gym;
And you sure do know God don't like ugly.

I've heard karma is a female dog that catches up with everyone,
But I'll not be seconded to play the fool for the first time in this movie,
I've seen too much to know how this would end.
Over time I've learnt not to trust people like you,
I let my potnas repeatedly lecture me on my mistakes,
At some point, every child grows,
I guess I'm not so different after all.

It's 2017, 24 years writing this at this time,
I've stuck to writing longer than my past relationships,
It's embarrassing but whatever!
And I'm trying to commit to one that's got my interest,
Hoping she doesn't end up to be a waste of energy and time like you.
Even if she happens to end like you,
I'll prolly liken her to a mustard seed because that's what she goes around selling to the mind.
As long as she sings long live the angels,
She is heaven.

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